Today 24th of Feb 2024

Unstable weather: The depression will tend to recede. However, South Tyrol will remain under the influence of moist southwesterly currents.

The weather

Variable cloudy skies with some sunny spells. During the the day a few rain or snow showers, more frequent in the evening and night. The snow line will be around 1000 m. Maximum temperatures between 2° and 9°.

Mountain weather

Clouds will often reduce visibility with longer sunny spells in the morning. Snow showers will occur during the day.

Tomorrow 25th of Feb 2024

Variable weather: Currents from the south will bring moist air masses towards the Alps.

The weather

During the morning there will be some showers, snowfall above 500/900 m. Afterwards, the precipitation will clear out, starting in the West. Maximum temperatures between 5° and 9°.

Mountain weather

Visibility in the mountains will often be reduced by clouds and especially in the morning there will be light snowfall. In the afternoon, some clearing will come from the west.

The next days

Still unstable: On Monday the sky will be very cloudy with precipitation arriving from the south later in the day. Variable weather also on Tuesday. Clouds will prevail with some precipitation in the south. The snow line will rise to around 1500 m. On Wednesday also unstable conditions with some precipitation. Partly sunny weather and generally no precipitation is expected on Thursday.

monday 26
Dull, sleet
max: 8°
min: -5°
tuesday 27
max: 9°
min: -2°
wednesday 28
max: 10°
min: -1°
thursday 29
Very cloudy
max: 13°
min: -2°